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31st March 2013

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On Thursday, Josh Dallas, Colin O’Donoghue, Sonequa Martin-Green and Ethan Embry filmed a scene together. They were in a place that we could not see what they were filming but we could hear a bit and it sounded like they were filming a fighting scene. After a few hours of being there, Colin came out to take pictures. A fan in front of me in the line was giving me her camera and she had her dog that was named Emma with her and Colin said “Here, let me hold her. I know how to handle Emma’s” :P I was next in line when security had to take him away cause he was needed on set, but he promised that he would come out again when he had time. He lived up to that promise not too long later and I got to take a picture with him :). Sonequa came out not too long after Colin and stayed until everyone had pictures and autographs. She was so nice. She said that I have beautiful long hair :) She was so nice it made me feel bad for not really liking her character Tamara :P I didn’t think that Josh would come out because there was a fairly large group of people hanging around, but he did, and boy, is he charming ;) He didn’t have time to sign autographs, but he took a picture with everyone, which I was happy with cause I had never met him before and prefer pictures to autographs.

Later, when the sun started to set, they moved to the beach to film a scene with 4 actors. I won’t post who they were what they were doing (even though it’s already on the internet) because it’s a fairly big spoiler.One of the actors (the one I was extremely excited to see there) came over after the scene and chatted and took photos and signed autographs for everyone. I’m still fangirling over meeting him :):)The picture before the sunset is of him climbing over logs to get off the beach after his scene. I will post the pictures of took of him when the episode airs, which is unfortunately in a long time :(

And the picture of the sunset is just because it was so beautiful out there :)

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