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28th July 2013

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On Friday I was on the set of Psych. I was hoping the main cast would be there because I hadn’t seen any of them yet, except for Tim Omundson, and like lots of people are guessing and the crew says, it is almost guaranteed that this is the last season. Luckily enough, James Roday, Dule Hill, Maggie Lawson and Kirsten Nelson were all on set. The scene they were filming outside was a pretty big scene I’m guessing. I knew what was happening in it because I could hear the actors talk and they also had the whole scene laid out on the film notice. But despite the fact that all the fans there knew, they still had people holding up big umbrellas, trying to block the scene from the bystanders.

The street they were filming beside was a pretty busy street so most of the people in the cars driving by were looking at the set and one lady rear ended the guy in front of her because of it. I thought it was pretty funny :P

I got to talk to a few of the crew members while I was there, they were all very friendly. Most of them seemed pretty happy that they had fans who would go out of their way to go see the filming. I mentioned that I would love to meet the cast and they said they would pass the message along to them. They agreed and said they would come out after their scene. Maggie Lawson came out first. She signed autographs and took pictures with everyone there and was very friendly. Someone there mentioned how they watched the show with their family and she said a few of them were talking about how it’s so unusual for a show to appeal to all ages. She also got congratulated on her new show and she said she’s excited to start filming. She said she started filming either next week or the week after (I can’t remember which) and how it was back to back work, just how she liked it.

Not long later James and Dule came out.They talked about how the weather was really nice. I asked James how he was liking twitter and he said he was still used to it and “getting his feet wet”. They were making conversation with everyone, shaking their hands and exchanging names. Of course they made a few jokes. They took pictures with everyone then were part way through signing autographs when a crew member came to bring them back to set. James said “Okay, thank you” and continued signing until everyone had what they wanted.

They were all great and I’m so happy I got to meet them :)

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